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Woodturning Tuition in Suffolk


Tution course fees will rise from 1st January 2022, caused by increased timber prices and increased electricity costs.

I do regret having to do this but I will accept any actual bookings up to the 31st December at the existing rates.

One day of 1-1 Wood turning tuition, available 7 days a week. Primarily devoted to practical experience with the aim for the student to complete a number of turned products. Along the way, covering safety, characteristics of different timbers and choice of tools, machines and sources of supply.


Albert Lain; experienced and qualified teacher keen to impart his enthusiasm and skills.

Courses Available

  1. Introduction
    A days introduction. Learning how to safely apply the tools to rotating timber. Included will be working between centres, use of Roughing Gouge, Spindle Gouge, and parting tool. After lunch, the use of self-centring chucks, boring on lathes and Jam fitting. Suitable for someone considering the hobby, just starting to turn, or just interested and looking for an absorbing day.
  2. Intermediate
    A logical progression from course A but focused on Headstock work and increasing the diameter of the material to be turned. Use of screw chuck to turn a shallow bowl, and then a deeper small bowl with either a turned top edge or natural edge. Method of removing all indication of how it was secured to the lathe.
  3. Experienced
    In development at present, but either increasing diameter and/or depth of product, or experience in successfully turning freshly cut timber. Awareness of other methods such as split turning, duplicate turning, coopered work, long hole boring, lattice work, off centre turning. Just where do we stop? This can easily get out of hand...

The Workshop

A heated wood turning workshop with many lathes and good dust extraction. Always some interesting other work in progress. Attached to our home and looking out to the garden and across fields.

The Cost

Courses A and B: £175 9am-4pm, all materials and tools included (£150 if booked before 1st January 2022)
Course C: £225 9am-4pm, all materials and tools included (£200 if booked before 1st January 2022)


Discussion before the day about experience so far and what you would like to achieve. Guidance on what to wear. Invitation to bring any existing tools and safety equipment to wear.

What Next?

Phone or email to discuss how I can help, and if you wish, to determine a mutually convenient date.

I will need your postal address to enable me to send a pre-course preparation document and to include a brief questionnaire about your experience, if any, so far.
If you would like to make a days tuition as a gift to a friend or partner, request a copy of our Gift Voucher. Warn me if you wish it to be conveyed confidentially for a birthday or Christmas surprise.

If you have been on one or more of these day courses, I would appreciate any comments you may have to help me improve and refine how and what I do. Please use the comments page on my site or let me know by phone, email, or letter.


  • David Hawthorn

    David Hawthorn - 12th January 2019

    I had a great day with Albert on 11th January. I managed to get lost on the way by making a mistake putting the postcode into Satnav. Fear not, the correct postcode will take you to the front door! Albert was very relaxed and welcoming. The workshop is an Aladdin’s cave full of every tool and gadget you could imagine. Albert’s teaching experience was quickly obvious and he showed remarkable patience with a student of no experience and barely a modicum of potential. I had had a go with my newly acquired entry level Axminster lathe and a book. I think I learned more from Albert in an hour than I could have picked up from the combination of book and trial and error in several months. I think I picked up some skills and some insight into what it is possible to achieve in a surprisingly short time. Albert also helped me greatly by sharpening my chisels and giving advice on sharpening systems. I had hoped to pick up sufficient knowledge to be able to go home, improve my shed setup, and get started on a number of small projects. Albert’s calm and reassuring tuition has given me great encouragement and the confidence to ‘have a go’. I also needed advice about accessories and Albert was able to help me here as well. Finally, Albert offered to be available to give further advice on the phone and by email in the future.

    I came home suitably enthused and energised and can’t wait to make the purchases that I now know I need to make to be able to take my new found hobby to the next level.

    Thanks Albert for a superb day of exceptional teaching and fun.

  • Heather Harrison

    Heather Harrison - 26th November 2018

    Had a great day with Albert for my second lesson on Friday 23rd November. He has the patience of a saint, I know I was forgetting things and Albert is so good at putting you back on the right track. Will definitely be going back for my 3rd lesson

  • Heather Harrison

    Heather Harrison - 9th November 2018

    Had a fantastic day with Albert giving me my first tuition on Woodturning. A complete novice at doing this and found Albert was very patient and he helped me a great deal and showed you what to do then stood by me to help and correct me.
    I would recommend anyone to go to Albert
    For lessons.
    Once again Albert is friendly as is his wife, patient and knowledgeable. I have already booked for my second day course.

    Thank you Albert and kind regards
    Heather Harrison

  • Nigel Bedingfield

    Nigel Bedingfield - 17th August 2018

    My son and I had a wonderful day with Albert, the challenge was to teach both of us in one session, quite a task, and as it turned (pun) out, we tested all of Albert’s ‘fix it’ solutions so that we both came home proudly displaying the results of our days lathing, 2 dibbers and 2 pots. At the same time testing Albert’s staminar by taking him into ‘extra time’. Fortunately penalties were avoided and we settled for a 2-2 draw, with knowlege of new lathing techniques gained, and the extra skills of compromises and adjustment picked up along the way. ? Thank you Albert. Nigel and Kalun Bedingfield

  • Paul Leathers

    Paul Leathers - 2nd August 2018

    My second lesson with Albert and another great welcome .Started with Albert looking at my new lathe bought from Axminster tools a great starter package.Went into the work shop and Albert explained what we were going to be making today a little coin plate and a bowl.At the end of the day i got my lathe out of the car and Albert explained how to set it all up.A great teacher and looking forward to the next lesson 10 out 10 from me.

  • Gary Swash

    Gary Swash - 29th July 2018

    Had a great (but very hot - hottest day of the year ! ) with Albert.
    I came away with a greater awareness of which tool to use for various angles and finishes, we completed two bowls which are now much admired.
    Alberts knowledge, patience and experience came across straight away and had an answer to all my questions.
    Training on a one to one basis with someone like Albert is in my opinion worth every penny - money well spent - you won't be disappointed !

  • Simon Dineen

    Simon Dineen - 16th July 2018

    My son gave me an introductory course as a birthday present. Albert was very welcoming , he was a fantastic tutor , very knowledgeable and interesting. He is very patient even with my attempts at turning .I did come home with a pot that was all my own work(well almost).
    I can thoroughly recommend this course for a fantastic introduction.There is only one downside , I am now having to rebuild my shed to house a lathe(Albert did even give me advice on this!)

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